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Structural Fabricator (Fitter) Position

Summary:This position is responsible for assembling structural steel products using tools, machines, and fabrication skills. Fabricates various types of structural and miscellaneous steel products.Primary Responsibilities:Read and interpret blueprints and sketches.Study and interpret assembly instructions.Listen to and follow directions from supervisors.Verify specifications.Interpret measurements.Determine if all parts are present.Assemble tools and materials.Position parts and assemblies.Assemble components in accordance with A.I.S.C. and other applicable standards.

Welder Positionwelder2

Summary:This position is responsible for permanently joining metal parts together using high heat applications to form a permanent bond.

Primary Responsibilities: Use electrical currents to create heat and bond metals. Plan work by interpreting blue prints and welding symbols. Select and set up proper welding equipment for the specific process required. Determine welding position and type of metal to be fused. Listen to and follow directions from supervisors. Use arc welders with welding rods (stick welding) a long with wire feed welders (M.I.G.) to join steel. Ensure that all welds meet standards and specifications including but not limited to A.W.S. D1.1. All welders must be tested and certified on the procedures that they are performing.

Helper Positionfabricator2

Summary: Responsible for helping fitters/welders as required, including cleaning, grinding, chipping welds on structural members.

Primary Responsibilities: Use grinders, drills, and hand tools required to clean steel before shipping. Listen to and follow instructions from supervisors.Keep shop and walkways clean and free of debris.Help move materials, including helping load and unload trucks. Perform other labor task as required.

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