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Some Of Our Services

These are a few of the services we offer our customers.

Petro Chemical Industries

Heavy structural steel including pipe racks, structures, road crossings, and heavy trusses. Miscellaneous steel including cat walks, platforms, control stands, handrails, caged ladders, safety gates, stairs, grating, embeds, pipe supports, piping accessories, pipe shoes, pipe hangers, hardware, bolts, equipment structures, and more.

Commercial Contractors

Structural steel for buildings such as schools, churches, restaurants, apartment complexes, retail stores, and shopping centers.We fabricate stairs, handrails, ornamental gates, guardrails, bollards, embeds, and lintels.We supply bar joist and decking

Marine Contractors

We fabricate whaler beams and miscellaneous steel for retaining walls.We build mooring bits, handrails, stairs, ships ladders, skids, and all types of shop fabricated steel.

New Home Construction

We supply structural steel members and supports, including pipe columns, fitch plates, lintels, ornamental handrails, electrical racks and gates.

Custom Fabrication

We also do custom fabrication for businesses and individuals.